About Us

Our Management Team

Muhammad Aslam Zahid

CEO, Maz Cosmetics Pakistan

Mohsin Said

Mohsin Said

Director of Marketing

Our Mission:

We aim to become the best cosmetic manufacturing company in Pakistan. We want people to look good and feel more confident by using our different brands which are there to spread beauty everywhere


We are honest, reliable, and responsible business partners. We conduct our business with integrity and promote loyalty.


We respect and consider the needs of other. We conduct our business with honour, and promote fairness in all matters that affect our employees and business partners.


We strive for excellence and aspire to be leaders in all that we do. We align ourselves with business partners who share our commitment to excellence.

Corporate Citizenship:

We believe our company has an obligation to contribute to the social good. We conduct our business responsibly and with respect for the environment, including all neighbours near and far.


Night Queen uses high quality raw material produced by FDA (USA) approved manufacturers. This ensures safety and quality of our products.

Fragrances we use are imported from world’s best fragrance manufacturers. Our commitment to provide our customers with the products having exotic and long-lasting fragrance.

Our exclusive designing and packaging are made for Stylish, Fashion Lover & Creative Customers who believe in Beauty with Style and Effectiveness of the products.